Total Bliss?



Emotions can be very overwhelming sometimes. It is only after we find the balance that we feel liberated. What a relief it is to be liberated of all ties that seemed to hold back the joy.


Pure joy is the best kind of joy. It comes from within and is not reliant on the outside, therefore not affected by things happening on the outside.


I have lost and found this joy multiple times and it has caught my attention that getting carried away in concerns that have not much to do with the spirit kill the joy. It is those environments that create a hollow feeling which makes us feel miserable. I have observed many people trying very hard to fill that void through external activities. Usually, socializing, being part of the crowd is one way people try to achieve this.


Socializing becomes a way of avoiding the emptiness inside. Drinking, partying keeps the mind occupied momentarily and creates a false sense of joy. The temporary solution actually enlarges the void. Whether it is the company of people or alcohol; when the joy giving substances wear out, the joy goes away too. The moment of facing the disappearance of fake joy is the moment the unbalanced state is faced. Most people try not to face it and get sucked into a life style where the concept of happiness is totally dependant on things or events


How many times have you appointed change on your current status as the key to upcoming happiness?


I will be happy when I am promoted. I will be happy when I am married. I will be happy when I have children. I will be happy when I buy that house… that car….it never ends!


Being satisfied with the current state is the key. Contrary to common belief, being able to enjoy the moment does not keep one from moving forward.



I have come to realize that, even when one does not take part in these external activities or becomes part of this crowd, just observing from afar can suck the joy out of someone.


Bliss can only be found on the inside. Looking for it on the outside would make it even harder on the person, creating a feeling that joy is hard to find. Actually the only time that it is hard to find is when one looks for it in the wrong places.


I have known this for a long time, which has helped me not look for bliss on the outside.  Of course knowing this, made it more puzzling how could I lack the feeling of joy?


I knew where to look, but what had happened to it.  Why did it disappear in the first place? Compared to many, I was considered very happy and peaceful as I was capable of enjoying the simple pleasures of life, like a good book, a nice cup of coffee, quiet moments, good music or the sight of a beautiful view of nature. These have always given me pleasure.


Still, I knew better than that which brought back the question what had happened to that constant super high feeling that I knew so well?


The inner joy that used to make me feel satisfied and in total bliss no matter what was going on had vanished. I had become one of those people who need to make an effort to feel the joy. Of course my effort would not be through partying or materialistic achievements as I knew that was not where I would find my inner peace. Knowing what I knew, I chose to pull myself away from the so called happy circles. Not that anything is wrong with those circles but I had lost the balance. Most of my life I had been able to lift others to my level of happiness, whereas this time I was sinking to their level of unsatisfied condition. The joyless state around me had become stronger than me.


Most of my life the solution to my problems has come through listening to the Divine. So, I have resorted to more meditation.  The more I have mediated the more bliss has arrived.  Even though the lack of joy state was only temporary, it made me see how tough life must be for those who have to go through life like this.


The constant high feeling that is not reliant on anything, has come back and I am ever grateful to be able to feel so blissful!!!


At the same time the temporary feeling of emptiness has helped me relate to those who lack genuine happiness. God help them!!!


Nothing on the outside can fill that kind of gap and the more they try the worse it gets. There is a saying that “God makes the loved one lose something and then find it again.” This process, gives a new sense of appreciation. So my new found appreciation of absolute bliss has triggered my eagerness to share it yet again with the rest of the world.


It is through the practice of Sahaja Yoga that I am able to feel constant pure joy.


The kind of happy state that is there just because……like children….!

I wish everyone gets a chance to experience this wonderful state of joy!




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