Promoting Prostitution?

These past days I have received some opposition to one of my articles that was about perverts, such as Polanski and Marco Weiss.

I was surprised to see the reaction. Some of my readers expressed their belief that it was OK to be sexually involved with a thirteen year old. At first I did not understand, how something so clear could even be an issue of argument. Evidently I was wrong, moral values do change dramatically from culture to culture. My Guru Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi says “The intellect can justify anything but the spirit will always know the truth.”

I have observed this justification effort over the past few days.

As I am writing this article on the German TV channel RTL CH there is a program on how to be a successful Dominatrix. This came on right after the German version of “Wife Swap” which is a family show. So the channel is a regular family channel yet it is airing a show that is literally giving pointers on how to please clients better if you go into this field. The show does not strike one as sexual but rather informative. Lady Atropa tells how lucky she is to find her dream job, how important it is to understand human anatomy to be good at what she does. She goes to a warehouse to buy some perverted sex toys, her clients explain how they like to be dominated as a relief from a stressful week, while wearing a leather fetish mask. Then it moves on to another elderly prostitute who just helped a retarded man be relieved and how she deserves to be paid as she gave her time. It is so cleverly featured that one almost feels grateful to this lady for taking care of this poor retarded man.

A few days ago on a French TV channel I saw a show that featured being a strip dancer as one of the good ways to make money. They showed how one could take classes and get into the field.

Watching these shows made me understand the mindset of those who see nothing wrong with the abuse of thirteen year old girls. What do you expect if it is totally natural to promote prostitution or striptease as good jobs on TV? I do not have a child, but raising a child around such values seems scary. I questioned myself these past days, whether I am a conservative person. I came to the conclusion that I probably am a bit conservative compared to these cultures. Through my Yoga practice it has been a life style to see things through my spirit. As my guru says, the spirit will not justify, like the intellect. I just feel it in my heart that it is not OK to sexually abuse a 13-year-old girl, because she is just a child even if she looks older; she has the brain of a child. The same way I find it wrong that TV shows promote prostitution, give tips on how to become a successful dominatrix, or feature striping as a profitable job while explaining how to become one. I cannot imagine any parents wishing for their children to have a future in the above mentioned careers. This is the easiest way to test whether something is morally correct or incorrect, if you do not wish it on your loved ones then it is not good. Many argue in the name of modernity, using these supposedly open-minded ways of looking at things.

The problem in today’s society is that people do not care about each other anymore which makes it easier to keep an open mind on twisted values. As long as it does not affect you and your family, one does not care and not judging is considered a very good deed which makes it easy to explain the not caring attitude. Personally, I support the idea of not judging. However, this is beyond not judging. In my opinion not judging means to be able to coexist or even extend a hand when needed to the one that you do not necessarily share the same ideas with.

Being so oblivious to moral values is not good for the society. In Italy they are planning to take Christ’s Crucifix out of the classrooms. This is in the name of respecting other religions. This is hard to understand, why should any member of any religion be offended by Jesus Christ. I believe that all religions are sacred and never understood how the followers of a certain faith could feel superior over the other. God sent prophets and books to make the world a better place yet people chose to use it as an excuse to fight. Application of religious values unfortunately lacked compassion in many cases that with modernity most values have been abandoned.

Traditional values are good for a society. Being modern should mean to have an open mind towards different ideas, to have love and compassion towards the one that is different but one should not have to give up on simple moral values in the name of modernity.

I am against the idea of judging a prostitute or out casting her but that does not mean the job should be promoted as a dream job. Extremes are never good and somehow society seems to have arrived to another extreme, where abusers of children become celebrities, and Dominatrix prostitutes are featured on TV as experts of their wonderful profession giving tips to those who want to join the sex industry.



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18 responses to “Promoting Prostitution?

  1. rosalie

    Well said!!!!! I respect you for speaking openly and honestly!

  2. shakti108

    Thank you for the comment Rosalie:)

  3. DINA

    Well said shakti…
    This only shows that, {I wont say only western countries it also includes a lot of east and far eastern as well as the middle eastern countries. Values deteriorated over monetary things in many societies, even this as you have mentioned is now being turned into some type of normal profession every day life, or even dream job. Even students especially in Europe are proud to tell about their prostitution, but argue its good that it finances their studies. Some end up staying in that profession I am sure, easy income. But come to think that these girls get pregnant and raise children. I wonder what values they have left to teach……..

  4. Andreas

    Dear Shakti108,

    You have not really understood what we have tried to explain you. NOBODY believes that it is okay to sexually abuse a 13-year-old girl. THAT IS CLEARLY NOT THE POINT. The point is that Marco had no chance to see Charlotte’s real age. He believed to be sexually involved with a fifteen year old and therefore he is innocent. That is the law in Germany and all over the world. Why it is so difficult for you to see und understand that simple point?

    “..even if she looks older; she has the brain of a child”

    Sorry, but nobody is able to see the brain of a child. And if you don’t know children looking and acting like much older kids you have not seen a lot. The most people are with Marco simple because they know situation where it is not possible to see how old the other is.

    Once again you are right in many points you mention in your new article. Once again you are totally not right in the case of Marco Weiss. Here the boy is the victim and he is also the victim of a child that looked like 17, said that is was 15 and lied too often.

    Best regards


  5. shakti108

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Dina 🙂

  6. Corinna M.

    There is no link between the case of Marco and topics like prostitution, Dominatrix, strip dancer, etc. You really have no idea what does the case of Marco mean and why millions of people are standing behind Marco. Perhaps you have read all the arguments. But understanding is clearly not your’s.

  7. shakti108

    Hallo Andreas

    Wie geht es dir? 🙂

    I am glad to hear that noone believes that it is not OK to abuse a thirteen year old.


  8. shakti108

    Dear Corinna

    This article is not about Marco, neither was the other. I am not sure if you have language trouble, but if you read the articles they are about moral values. They are not about Marco’s lawsuit ….etc

  9. Corinna M.

    @ shakti108: “This article is not about Marco, neither was the other. I am not sure if you have language trouble, but if you read the articles they are about moral values. They are not about Marco’s lawsuit ….etc”


    My English is really not the best. But if you would mean what you wrote me you would avoid to use his name and his case to speak about moral values. Moral values means also not to punish an innocent boy by misusing his case.


  10. Ortrud

    “This article is not about Marco, neither was the other.”

    “These past days I have received some opposition to one of my articles that was about perverts, such as Polanski and Marco Weiss.”

    “Some of my readers expressed their belief that it was OK to be sexually involved with a thirteen year old.”

    “I just feel it in my heart that it is not OK to sexually abuse a 13-year-old girl, because she is just a child even if she looks older; she has the brain of a child.”

    Okay, and I was so stupid to think that these belong to Marco and his lawsuit :-).

  11. Manni

    I’ve stopped reading after I’d to read that you call Marco Weiss pervert. Why should I Waste time when you are to absolutely wrong at the beginning?

  12. Ines

    Manni, I have read it. I think Shakti108 is a little bit uptight. Such TV shows are boring. If the kids would like to see more they are using the internet.

    And Marco, what should I say. I think the most people have understood that his name stands for a Turkish scandal of justice and not for a crime. Of course, the Turkish culture and sexual morality is different and therefore the people there see it perhaps a little bit different even though the law is very similar to Germany or England. For a Turk alone the fact that two kids have an sexual contact like petting must be shocking.

    And Shakti108, if the “people do not care about each other anymore”, why do you think so many people stood up for Marco, a totally unknown boy, to help him? They were on the street to demonstrate for him and spend money, etc.! I believe there is much more humanity in the world than you believe.

  13. shakti108


    I do not see how you see supporting an abuser as humanity? It is clear that your idea of humanity applies only to those you have a good reason to support. Those kids did not pet eachother, a 17 year old boy forced himself onto a thirteen year old girl whereby he did not rape but abuse her. She did not want him which is why her mother filed a complaint and that makes all the difference. No means no and all perverts asume that their actions are harmless including Roman Polanksi. So Ines this is not about Turkish morality issues being overly sensitive, the police did not walk in on them and spread the two love birds apart! A boy who can vote in a few months sneaked into a girls room who just started her teen ages and left with semen on her sheets, although she had said no! I am sorry that Marco had to suffer in adult facilities, I agree that it would have been better to keep him in a juvenile facility (that is whole different topic) but if she had been willing to make out with him, there would have been no case. She said no he did not care, if she were 15 Marco would still have gotten away with it but she was only 13.

  14. Ines


    Charlotte said not no. She said yes and she was the one who started the activities and touched Marco. And because Charlotte lied also about her age and looked like a much older girl I really don’t see the proof of your arguments.

    If Charlotte had said no it would be a rape. But is was “only” an abuse and that means only the forbitten sexual contact with a child. But as mentioned before. Marco was not able to know the right age.

    I know the behaviour of English or german girls much better like you.

    Good start in the new year.


  15. shakti108


    I presume you were there!

    I find it sad that you categorize German or English little girls. Children are children.

    Anyway, there is not much left to say, when one asumes little girls of a certain nation are little seductresses…..that thought within itself seems twisted in so many ways……I guess we will have to agree to disagree

    Happy new year!

  16. Ines


    Funny, I was not there but I don’t ignore the facts. And you was not there, too but you mean to bring your own fantasies in the case. You should take care on your own words.

    Even the Turkish judges saw no evidences for a rape and that means that nothing happened against Charlotte will. Why it is so difficult for you to accept that simple truth?

    So, so, you are sad. Do you have children? I have and I love them. However, I have no illusion about kids. They could be angles and they could be devils, and sometimes at the same day.

    What is so strange in your ice that a 13 years old girl could seduce an older boy? That happen every day all over the world. We women have fight for the right of our own sexual freedom. A girl has the right to seduce a boy. That is absolutely okay. Do you think only boys and men have the right to seduce girls and women?

    My daughter is also 13 and she would kill me if I would call her a little girl. She has already a (two years older) friend and she is unlighted. I would prefer the both would wait but if it happened I prefer my daughter has the trust to speak with me about that. I never would blame the boy if it would happen because I know my daughter.

    I know in Turk you have another meaning about sexuality and virginity. A Turkish man prefer to marry a virgin. A German or English man prefer to marry an experienced woman. For many kids here it is a problem to be still a virgin. Strange in your eyes but that is reality here. You must not love it but you could accept it and you must not blame an innocent boy for the behavior of a precocious girl.

    And don’t compare the case of Marco with the one of Polanski. If you are not able to see the differences you have much more problems than you believe to have.

    Welcome in the real world.

    Happy New year!

  17. shakti108


    I do not see how your thirteen year old girls sex life is relevant here? Ok she has a boyfirend, that is great, she is good at seducing him….what if another boy that she did not want forced her? If your girl came to you and said a boy forced himself on her, and the boy simply said oh she seduced me? Would you still be cool and tell her ah well that is OK?

    This case was not about sexual freedom of women, it was about a little girl complaining against an older boy for forcing her?
    Why don’t you want to see that?

    Your daughter probably loves her boyfriend and wants to be with him…don’t you see the difference…plus you admit that you agree that she is too young by saying that you prefer that she did wait…how can you be so sure that Charlotte lied??? Because she is a girl and it must be her fault?? To be blamed even after brutally raped because of their sexual appeal is an issue that women had to endure way longer than sexual freedom issues…

    That is how it is relevant to Polanksi, by the way given your argument on your girl’s sex life how would you feel if she was with someone like Polanski?? with your argument that shall not bother you either….

    Maintaining a child’s innocence and sexual freedom are two seperate arguments this is why you probably prefered that your kid and her boyfriend waited….so do not try to get a pervert off the hook by turning this into Turkish virginity issues…..Charlotte complained….by law if her mother accepted Marco could have been tried without waiting in jail and his lawyer (who was Turkish) tried to convince Charlotte’s mother (who is English) to do so, but she did not accept..a mother of teenagers allowed another boy to sit in jail against all effort to save him….that is why I am so convinced that Maroo must have gone against Charlotte’s will….

    Some of your ideas might be right about Turkey, maintaining innocence matters to Turks more or less…but the boy was not charged because of cultural mind set but by law you cannot have sexual encounter with a thirteen year old which is the same in Germany I have been told by other readers…..

  18. Ines


    Happy New Year!

    You are joking! Charlotte lies because she lied about her age to be allowed to visit a disco and to drink alcohol. She lies because she changed her version several times. The story she told the gynecologist was totally different from the one she told the Turkish police and that one was totally different from the written one at the British police. She had time enough but at the end her story was even different from the story of her own sister and more important of that what Sacha, the friend of her sister told at the court. She lies because the German prosecutor called her evidence totally implausible and contradictorily. Not even the Turkish judges believed her. The main parts of her written evidence were published in the German newspaper “Der Spiegel”. Since that everyone in Germany knows what the German prosecutor means.
    And you know. Marco came free with the moment the judges had the Turkish translation of her written evidence in their hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t call Charlotte little. She is 1.70 m and extremely well developed for a 13 years old girl, drinking alcohol and dancing in disco till deep in the night.

    Charlotte was afraid to get pregnant and needed an excuse to visit a gynecologist . There was no idea about a complaint at that time. She called Marco a friend and that nothing had happened. But the gynecologist told them that he has to make a notification due to the fact that Charlotte was only 13. In that moment Charlotte’s mother was in trouble to get accused for violation the obligatory supervision. And there was the trouble with her ex-husband in England about the custody of the girls. There was an extremely own interest of Charlotte’s mother to believe that Marco is guilty. She would be in trouble if not. And after a longer time in jail there was no way back. If Charlotte would saying the truth a civil suit could mean millions of Euros for Marco especially in England.

    It is very simple to understand why Charlotte and her mother never came to the court to make there her evidence.

    There is nothing new in the behavior of Charlotte. Something like that happens too often and the cases of innocent men behind bars due to the lies of girls and women are in the thousands.

    These are the both ugly sides of rape and abuse. The real cases with the girls and women as victims and the other dark side of too many innocent men and boys due to false complaints.

    “Some of your ideas might be right about Turkey, but the boy was not charged because of cultural mind set but by law you cannot have sexual encounter with a thirteen year old which is the same in Germany I have been told by other readers…..”

    It is the law in Turk and in Germany that you have to know that the other is still a child. That is the point and that is what also the German prosecutors said and why Marco is also not guilty for sexual abuse.

    Marco had never a chance to get to know that Charlotte was only 13. And I have to ask you why that point is so difficult to see for you?


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