Stripping on the Altar!

 We live in interesting times, where churches are converted into strip clubs, minarets are being banned. It is difficult to understand the mindset behind these actions. A church in Hungary was deconsecrated and sold off to become a strip club. *”It has now become a nightclub and a stripper performs her finale on the altar each evening,”

A place of worship turns into a venue where women are stripped off their dignity and money is thrown at them, to turn men on. Naturally the Church opposes to the idea. Some find it difficult to understand what is so bad about a strip club. Nothing! Except that women are not only being stripped off their clothes but their sense-of worth as well. They are being objectified and not at all respected. I can see how a sacred institute that in principal, values all human beings, does not agree to the idea of, one of God’s creatures to be stripped off her self respect, especially in God’s House. Then again everywhere is God’s house. If we accept God as our maker we believe that he made it all and sees it all.

I wonder if this contrast is a sign of where the world is headed. There are many strip clubs in the world that we do not know about, unless we are interested in visiting one. The reason this one made it to the news is due to the controversy of performing an act of stripping, indulging in lust where some used to go to keep away from those sins. This is almost like a mockery of religious ideas.

What happened to love and compassion? No one seems to be concerned with that. The girl taking her clothes off, on the altar is making a choice. If she feels empty on the inside, needs alcohol or drugs to get thru the night that is still part of her choice, but the unhappy state is the indication for her to change it or not to change it. It is her path and we can only offer love and help if she wants to create change but not judge her. 

At the same time minarets are being banned. Islam has become a threatening idea. I wonder if those who killed innocent people under the name of Islam feel at peace, given that they spoiled the image of the faith that has the second largest community of followers in the world. The Koran clearly accepts Jesus Christ and Moses as Allah’s prophets and recognizes both religions to be sent by Allah. It is also clearly expressed that every Muslim has to respect members of both religions.

How fanatic Islamists miss such a clear message is beyond me. I am assuming, what we are up against is the justification process of the intellect yet again!

The damage is done and the world perceives Islam as a threat. Obviously no one is threatened with the fear that Islam will bring love and compassion to the world. This is the confusing part. From a spiritual point of view, the belief is that God sent prophets and religious books to correct human behavior and to give some guidance to humans. When we read the messages of God, they do not seem to change much from religion to religion. Over and over mankind has been reminded to act with love and compassion.

Yet here we are.

It feels like members of different religions are treating their faith like some kind of sports team that they support, fighting over who is better. Fanatic Islamist have taken it so far that they think it is OK to attack others. Somehow they believe that it is OK to force the rules of their religion onto people. Why would our maker give us a mind and free will to make our own decisions if we were meant to be forced?

The Koran openly bans attacking and killing others. It only says “if under attack and spiritual oppression one can fight back.” So bombing, Synagogue’s, killing priests, or flying planes into buildings full of innocent people is not justified.

Anyone with common sense would see that! Why would God command anyone to kill his own creatures?  Come on!

Now thanks to those hungry for power, who shamelessly abuse the name of Islam in the name of their mission, innocent followers of the same faith are having difficulties. I am sure the fanatics translate this into the clause of “oppression of religious practice”. 

Whose fault is this oppression? After terrorizing the world with suicide bombs, can they really blame others for having concerns? The church opposes to the ban of minarets. The church believes in freedom of worship. Still those who banned it probably feel threatened. It is not like the mosque reminds anyone of basic worship these days.

Spiritual fulfillment comes from love. While everyone is busy fighting over whose team is better somehow the important message gets lost. God made us all and we are all supposed to love each other, regardless of our differences.

Crucifixes are taken out of class rooms, as they are perceived as offensive, minarets are being banned as they are perceived as a threat, meanwhile young women are stripping in the House of the Lord, on the altar, and the law allows women in Afghanistan to be raped by their husbands.


The crucifix or minarets are symbols that remind us of values of God! Isn’t taking every step with love in our heart the most important message of God?


­* By Nick Squires in Rome
Published: 6:00PM GMT 27 Nov 2009



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