Don’t wait too long!

I love it that around Christmas everyone remembers that miracles exist. Happy thoughts make the season magical. As kids we all used to believe in miracles. When we grow up, most people stop believing in them. Personally I’ve never stopped believing in miracles which must be why they keep happening to me.

I recall my first memories of marvel. When I was in the kinder garden, one day another little girl came with beautiful bright red shoes. She told us that she had found a four-leaved clover, put it by her bed, went to sleep desiring the shoes and there they were when she woke up! Of course we all believed her with no doubt and started searching for the four-leaved clover.

Another little girl who had very long eyelashes had told me that she regularly applied Nivea cream on her eyes which is why her eye lashes were so long. Evidently I was a gullible kid, who was into beauty regimens at a young age. I recall getting into trouble at home as I had covered my eyes completely with Mom’s cream. I was very upset to be held back from applying my secret potion. I actually do have long eye lashes now, but I am not sure what helped.

My most vivid memory of a miracle was Santa’s gift though. I was still in the kinder garden and very confident that I had been a good girl. I had not told Santa but there was this toy that had just come out. It was a huge head where kids would play dentist by fixing the teeth on the head with play dough. The toy head was blue and bigger than my own head.

I recall one morning waking up and seeing the gift box, in my room. I was convinced that I would have known if Mom or Dad entered my room. I made sure that I slept light enough to catch them should they enter my room. So the only explanation was Santa himself. I recall tiptoeing towards the box in case Santa Clause might still be there maybe hiding behind the huge box. After carefully checking the area I realized no cone was there so I opened the box and started playing with great joy. Santa Clause knew what to give me; I was such a lucky little girl.

Today on day time news they were interviewing mall Santa Clauses about the economy. The poor guys were complaining about how hard it is for them to get by on minimum wage. They went on and on about their financial difficulties while still dressed in Santa Clause costumes.

I am sorry for those guys but I felt that it was very disrespectful of the news channel to choose Santa Clauses to interview on this issue. In a child’s mind Santa Clause might be invincible and that is a harmless and joy giving belief. I like it that all adults get in on the secret and let the children enjoy the fairy tale.

It is because of such sweet memories that every year around the holiday season I feel tremendous warmth and joy. The smell of the ginger cookies, the Christmas cakes, the beautiful decorated trees, the wonderful mood that takes everyone over. Living in Istanbul, it takes a little more effort to feel festivities of the season. The upside is that, it made me celebrate it in more traditional ways. When I was in the States my “American Mommy” Ursula and I used to bake through the season. Actually, she was baking I was helping. I just loved spending time with her, in the kitchen. She was making Stollens and sending them to her loved ones via mail. We would also make cookies together. The smell of cookies in the oven, a Christmas miracle movie in the background and our lovely chats were priceless. I would question why we had to sift the flour or why we could not use the mixer on some recipes but had to mix with a spoon. I did not realize the craft that she was passing on to me, as I was more interested in her magnetic personality and just liked to be around her. The first time that we were baking together was prior to visiting some friends. I asked her why we don’t buy the sweets that we intend to give them. She told me that our vibrations had to be in the food that we would bring along.

It made sense.

After I moved to Istanbul I found myself baking cookies around Christmas time and bringing them to my friends. I did not even realize that I was carrying on her tradition until a friend of mine reminded me of cookies that I had given him five years ago. He told me that he liked the chocolate chip cookies that I had given him so much that he tried to buy similar ones but could not find any that tasted the way he liked them. I could not believe that he had not told me this for five years. I would have made him ten more batches, right then and there.  I did not have the heart to tell him that I lost that recipe. It made me think one should never wait too long to tell if they like something. I offered my dear friend the delicacy of this Christmas and made a note to myself to find a good chocolate chip cookie recipe. The Christmas spirit has made me face two heart warming facts. Ursula was right when she said that we have to bake the cookies if we can, as they are made with our love and that is a wonderful gift. My friend has confirmed this by trying to find a store-bought substitute yet not liking it. The second fact is that one should never wait too long to say that they like something and certainly not look for a substitute when what they liked initially, is within reach.

Two days away from the New Year, I feel jolly, filled with heart warming moments. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season filled with Christmas miracles and that this New Year will bring plenty of bliss to all. Miracles happen all year-long and just in case we forget towards the end of the year we are reminded that loving each other, enjoying each other and forgiving each other is the gate to miraculous moments.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year


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