Natural High


I have often thought that substance abusers must be seekers of the truth who experiment on their quest towards the truth. They know that there is more to life, than the ‘nine to five job’ or the ‘shiny car’. Sadly, I have observed the high state induced by the use of substances, being followed by the very low state. It seems like a cycle hard to get out of, as to get out of the very low they seem to run towards the uppers. The uppers use so much of their energy that the next day, they feel terribly down again. What a vicious cycle!

Running from one extreme to the other must be terribly tiring. I have never tried drugs.

In college I recall some friends wanting to share the substance experience with me. They were so impressed by the incredible high that they wanted to share the go through.  A friend was trying to talk me into using something that would make me dance till the break of dawn. I was already dancing till the break of dawn so what was the point? It had not yet occurred to me that not everyone felt naturally so energetic and happy which was one of the reasons they indulged in things that freed them from their inhibitions.

My point in the article of course is not to brag about what a fun person I am, or that they are wrong. It is just that I know that everyone is capable of feeling the natural high, without having to endure the horrible ‘down’ syndrome the next day. As children we all had this quality. During one of my visits to India I have seen all kinds of people from all over the world dancing and enjoying with no inhibitions whatsoever. Just like children. Lawyers, Scientists, Artists, Doctors, Merchants, House wives, even Politicians would just jump out of the crowd during a recital and start dancing, making others get up and dance along. Sahaja Yogis are fun people who love dancing, music and feasts. The upside is that because it is not induced with any kind of substance there is no down state the next day. Just like when we were kids, we could have all the fun and not be tired or in a state that makes us try to escape ourselves the next day.

I have had similar experiences in Togo Africa. It is admirable what great talent Africans have for music and dance. In spite of all the poverty and diseases they are in a constant dancing, singing and enjoying mood which I have a high regard for. One lady told me that she was surprised that the Westerners were feeling sorry for them. She said that although they had not much, they knew how to enjoy life and that she felt sorry for the Westerners as they are always so worried. I must admit that Africans know how to enjoy.

It has been my observation, as well as a known fact that substances tend to create addictions that are hard to break. It is the vicious cycle of, up and down that makes it hard to get out of the habit. This is something that I can relate to as I have personally fought nicotine addiction and it was very annoying to observe myself get edgy when my body craved nicotine. One of the reasons that I was disturbed was that it did not make any sense that an outside influence would have so much say, over my mood. That was the sad truth though. A few hours without cigarettes was making me, a less sweet person.

All the joy that I mentioned above was disappearing! Can you imagine? What could possibly possess me to put myself into such a dependant state? Eventually I rebelled against that kind of seize. It was difficult in the beginning but a great relief once I cleared out.

I believe that substance abusers are seekers. I also believe that the awakening of the Kundalini is one the best experiences of the feeling ‘high’ ever possible. One feels empowered in so many ways, yet joyful, yet humbled, invincible even. More in control, yet no need to control.  It feels like one has entered the Kingdom of God. As the awakening is spontaneous the realization of all the transformation might come in the most subtle ways. I recall meditating with a friend this summer. He kind of felt something that he could not even pinpoint. Later he explained the experience beautifully. He said that soon after he left my apartment “the high kicked in”. He had lost his job, his apartment, practically everything in his life was falling apart, yet he could not stop smiling, laughing and joking. The job and the rest worked itself out in time, as it always somehow does. He felt idyllic even before it all worked out, which was a priceless ability, when nothing seemed to work.

Below you can find the link if you are curious about this wonderful state “The Awakening of the Kundalini” through Sahaja Yoga.


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