Agree to Disagree?

He had encouraged me to keep writing. I was surprised when he did that, as he always seemed to enjoy picking on me, so “support” was not something that I expected from him. I valued his opinion though. It was interesting with all the people around me, that he would be the one to take interest in my writing.

Was it because he was English? They value writing.

 Or was it because he was a former journalist? They enjoy reading.

I could not really tell, but I recall him asking me why he could not find my blog, on line anymore. I told him that I had not written in a while. He just said that I should keep writing, so I did.

 My blogging habit started out, as an outlet that I was using to articulate my feelings. It was an emotional period in my life and writing about my feelings somehow helped. I had been writing since I was eleven years old. Nobody would see my journals though. My mother kept pushing me, to publish my writing on line.

 One day I did.

Until then, I was not so much aware that publishing my writing meant that total strangers would get to read about my innermost thoughts. It was an interesting acknowledgement. It also made me realize that we are never alone in our state. The world is filled with people who have similar experiences. Knowing that sometimes helps cope with unwanted emotions. In the meantime, people around me kept asking why I write those articles. I kept saying, because I enjoy writing.

The other day as I was reading “The Zahir from Paulo Coelho. I found myself enjoying this book a lot.

I came across some lines where he explains that back in Brazil, even he was asked why he wants to write. His explanation, to this odd question is that his nation does not much care to read, so they do not understand why anyone would want to write. Not that I claim any resemblance with Coelho but our nation’s ways of receiving the idea of writing seems similar.

Anyway, as this emotional state that had caused me to write about my feelings, had passed. I had stopped writing, which is around the time that he told me to keep writing. As I expressed earlier he is English. This must be the explanation behind the encouragement. Since, I was not in a sentimental state of mind anymore; I started writing about all kinds of things that I found interesting.

Then one day I received an e-mail where he was telling me that I should have been a journalist. His words meant a lot to me, as he was not the kind of guy, who would say anything, to anyone, in order to get on their good side. I kept writing.

Recently I’ve started writing for a national, on line news publication.

The biggest supporter of my writing was my mother of course, but she is this amazing person who would have supported me if I decided to do the craziest thing, such as becoming part of Cirque Du Soleil. I know she would do the research or hand me the application form instead of telling me the dangers involved in this job like regular moms.

No doubt that I appreciate her fully, but I found myself appreciating his support too. Our endless disputes on world events may even have influenced my tone in writing. Although in the beginning his arrogance seemed unbearable, combined with my impulsive overreactions, we managed to “agree to disagree” on things. This went on until I discovered that he enjoyed annoying me, my passionate outbursts seemed to amuse him. Some of the questions were not his views but his way of elongating a debate. After that I started enjoying our disputes more, as I knew what to take serious and when it was just a pitfall to drive me crazy. Of course my Mediterranean short temper is still there but I know that those moments of heated arguments on world history or politics have been good for me. Surely, I had many arguments with opposing ideas even before I knew him; it’s just that nobody would make it their business to extend the discussion, simply to pick on me.

I live in a nation where there are so many diverse ideas that those who feel that they belong to a group with certain ideas can be very impatient towards members of the opposing idea and vice versa.

 Making a point without losing an audience can be tricky in this environment, yet I feel the patience is built within me. After all, even when the end result is to” agree to disagree”; valuable information is exchanged until reaching that point. Information gets across from both parties, which forces everyone to see the other one’s angle. Once the other angle is seen, it cannot be reversed and being able to do that makes everyone grow, even when they disagree.


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