Pure Desire

Pure desire is a wish that goes through our heart and is fulfilled without an attempt to realize it.

 I had desired a dog for a while. I cannot trust myself or my life style to take the responsibility of a pet. In spite of my desire, I have not made an attempt to buy or adopt one.

Recently I moved into a place with a garden. The garden is filled with trees of fruit and I have been enjoying my delightful coffee moments, sitting outdoors. One day, as I was listening to music on my I-Pod I got startled by something that moved pass by me. It was a large animal, clearly a stray dog. As a child I have been chased by stray dogs so many times that they tend to terrify me.  It passed so fast that I could not tell where it went. In time, I discovered that he lived under my balcony.

At first, he was no less afraid of me than I would be of stray dogs. He would just hide under the balcony as soon as I came out to the garden. He was so wild that he would not give me or my friends a second look. Even,  when there was food on the table, it did not interest him the least bit.

An extra ordinarily proud doggy!

One day we came across each other on the street. He seemed overjoyed to see me, wiggling his tail jumping around me trying to get my attention. I was surprised, as he had not let my friends pet him when we were in the garden.

I knew he chose me to be his friend and without giving it much thought I named him George. He felt like a George. Then I realized that I named him after a protector Saint that slayed a Dragon to save a Princess.  My every story has to have a fairy tale angle. I guess, I am a bit of a hopeless romantic.

Anyhow, George likes to join me when I take my bike out. People on the street joke about the protector that runs next to me, as I ride. He likes to salute me when I come into the alley. He charges at me, barking, running really fast wiggling his tail. The barking run towards me would have terrified me only a short while ago, whereas now it fills me with joy.  Although we have made friends, he is free. He can come and go as he pleases. The other day after saluting me on the street, he walked away with another girl and frankly I felt a bit betrayed.

Yesterday, as I was meditating on the ground he came and sat right next to me. I know that he could feel the vibrations. Still it was not until today that I became sure that I have a dog. The cloudy weather had put me in a weird mood, not sad per say but not too cheerful either. As I was sitting in the garden sipping coffee writing away, trying to get myself out of the weird state, he came out. He just sat right by me, until he cleared my mood like a best friend would do. That is the beauty of having a pet. They have a way of comforting us. Having had that moment with him, I also realized that my desire was fulfilled in an unthinkable way. I have a dog who keeps me company from time to time, yet he is not dependant on me. He is pleased when he gets food but would not die in my absence.

Divine has unthinkable ways of fulfilling our desires. I am stunned by each experience that reminds me of this.


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