Speaking Through the Heart

It is those moments that we do not know what to do with ourselves that our doggy will simply come to our lap to make us smile. It is the unconditional love received from them that makes them our best friends. As mentioned in one of my previous articles, I have a doggy now. He chose me as opposed to me choosing him. The constant love and joy he demonstrates towards me, keeps putting smiles on my face at the least expected moments. His presence gives me peace.

He took shelter under my balcony. This is how we had met and how he had chosen me. In time he started joining me, while meditating in the garden. Now he has moved inside the house.

Oddly how his old friends do not accept him anymore. He must have softened because his former buddies seem to bully him off the streets. The other day as we were walking down the street, we were attacked by a German shepherd. I was terrified. As he is a former street dog, George has very strong survival instincts and knows when to attack and when to back down. Although he did not intend to fight back initially, my fear made him bark back. I am so very touched with his innocent protective attitude. It is the simplicity of our relation that makes it so wonderful. He can feel me; he could from the day we met. He is so sure of my love for him that he keeps jumping all over me even when I say no.

It looks like a breach of authority, but it’s not because when I can’t deal with that, he just knows not to do it. I am fascinated by his ability to read me. Of course he likes to get up and hug me when there is mud on his paws, but then again I am not really mad at him for doing so. After all he is just a doggy, how can he understand not to mess my clothes. He understands the more important things though. He knows to sit with me silently, comfort me if I am down, or jump all over the place to salute me when I wake up.

The unconditional love combined with his deep understanding of my mood, beats any form of communication.

Sometimes I wonder if it would ever be possible for humans to connect on such level.


Then I remember that it is. I am similarly connected with Sahaja Yogis who could be able to read me or I could read them from thousands of miles away. I guess innocence and pure love are key to this type of connection. It surely is very fulfilling on so many levels.

When we truly connect with each other from the heart, so many issues that are raised through mental forms of communication seem to dissolve. I guess the trick is to keep things simple because complicating matters makes us lose the ability to communicate through the heart only. When that happens, we might not be able to read the simplest thing about each other’s state that our dearest doggy would never miss.

I guess simplicity in any relation brings joy because when the hearts speak, the rest is allowed to be silent.


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2 responses to “Speaking Through the Heart

  1. no cointelpro

    You are a great writer, I was just thinking of ‘speaking through the heart’ and I googled the phrase and found your story.

  2. Banu Gökyar

    Thank you 🙂

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