The Art of Communication

Puppies Responding to Words with Kisses

These days I have something special yet temporary in my life. Since I know that it cannot last forever, I try to savior every moment. My doggie had given birth and now the puppies are about two months old. They are such a delight to be around, it is heavenly. I wish they could always remain so cute. Every moment I spend with them they bedazzle me with a different move. A few days ago I noticed that they were responding to the sound of food dropping into their bowl. As soon as they hear it they come running inside from the garden. All of them hop with a sense of urgency, it is cute.When  I am not around to pay attention, I do not like to let them stay outdoors. So when I have to leave the house, to get them to come inside I would pour some food in the bowl and they would all run in. Today they were full and the weather was too nice, so three of them did not come to the sound. I started talking loudly in the high pitch voice that I only talk to them saying “Baby, baby, baby my sweet baby” then I heard them hopping in rush, to come kiss me.

 Of course my heart melted right then and there!

I was so touched that they were showing the same kind of enthusiasm to the idea of coming in to kiss me that they normally show towards food. In a puppy’s life, food is basically all they care for, as they mainly eat, play and sleep. Not that grown doggies are much different but at least they understand when I say “NO” whereas the puppies seem under the impression that “NOOO!” means “Go right ahead!”

Anyhow to make a long story short, their presence and every behavior makes me very happy. I am used to getting covered in tiny little muddy paw prints all over me, as they like to climb onto me, the way they climb onto each other. When I squat, they kiss me, bite me, and pull my hair, all with tremendous enthusiasm.

I go through my days with major contrast in the way I look, as I like chic attires, which is normal but becoming so muddy everyday is new to me. When I come back to my life with fine clothes, business meetings and a polished look, I find myself eager to go back to my muddy little rascals.

Treating Art as a Simple Form of Currency

A short while ago I attended to an art event. This was neither the first nor the last art event that I would visit, but there was something significant about it that made me think of the experience later on. I was invited to a private lounge within the venue and the bank that owns the launch hired an art expert to walk us through the galleries.

I went to college inSan Francisco, so I imagined this occasion would be something like in mySan Franciscodays. People of the Bay Area are very open minded and seeing a new dimension of anything and looking for depth is verySan Francisco. The Hippie move started in Haight Ashbury (San Francisco) toured the world, ended in Berkeley (Bay Area). Therefore gatherings of all sorts were always interesting in this town.

Anyhow, my experience at this occasion was nothing like that; in fact I was surprised with the banking lady who approached me at the VIP launch. She told me that art is a good investment.

Ok it is!

But the way she built up to this sentence made me feel like, in her mind that’s all it is.

I kindly said “Is that so?”

She kept telling me the profits some people made.

As she was going on, I had a flash back vision in my mind the way it happens in movies.

A few years ago at the same event I fell in love with a painting. It was a couple kissing. Nothing original about it, but I could hardly break away from it. My mother bought it and that weekend on the Sunday art section of most papers’, it was featured as one of the most outstanding items. I had no idea when I fell in love with it, but mom was not the least bit surprised. I was drawn to it as it had moved me, simple as that!

For me, in spite of the regularity of it’s theme that was no ordinary kiss!

I had kissed that way, felt that way…it had spoken to my heart

Of course I did not tell this story to the banking lady.

She would probably look at me and think that I am a romantic fool, which I certainly am!

 I just sat there as she went on.

When the tour started, the expert’s lack of passion made me feel a little disappointed but I did not want to disrespect her, by simply walking away.

Then I heard someone whispering in my ear “Have you had enough? Shall I save you?” A friend of mine who owns a gallery was exhibiting at this event, and the person whispering in my air with the most amused facial expression was her father.

I said, “Yes please” 

There I had my excuse to walk away.

Later, my friend introduced me to the artist who was displaying his work through her gallery. The poor man shook my hand and told her, “Yes I noticed her. She actually looked at my paintings.”

So were others just chatting away without bothering to see what’s on display?

No Need for Words When the Heart Speaks

Then a few days later, when I was in my muddy paw print look, walking with my dogs who cannot stop hugging me, right after they jump in mud, the owner of a fish restaurant by the Boshphorus that I walk pass everyday approached me. He asked me if I could maybe help them move their dog Tommy, to the terrace. Tommy is literally bigger than me. He is only seven months old and when he is tied outside he likes to hug Delilah and me as well. (more paw prints) I love the little giant. His owner must have seen us interact. The Chef came as well and they started telling me how Tommy does not want to climb stairs and because of his strength, he cannot be pulled up or anything, he needs to be convinced.

It is not very common in my culture for men, to ask a small framed woman to help with a giant of a dog, so I was pleasantly surprised.

It got me thinking later, why would they think that Tommy would obey me, as opposed to them? Then I realized that they see me communicate with my doggies all the time.

Yes! I talk to my doggies with full sentences and I know they understand me very well. They may not be able to talk back with words but they sure express themselves. The trick is that I talk through my heart and doggies acknowledge that immediately.

It also made me realize that sometimes I am better at understanding what a dog says without words than what a person says with words. So the contrast is not only in my clothes but my worlds.

Why do people have to complicate everything?

The banking lady was standing in a venue surrounded by items created by other human beings who try to express themselves in other ways than saying things directly; possibly more bold, more striking ways, yet all she could focus on was that someone, not even herself, someone could make money off this.

The inability to enjoy beauty for what it is must be some kind of curse.

What I love most about all forms of art, is that very communication aspect that connects us all. A song can make millions of people tap into the same emotion. The one who composed it, not only connected millions under the same feeling, but also let’s them express their feelings through his/hers musical ability. Those who are better at putting their emotions into their work and letting it speak to others are considered better artists, because more are drawn to their work.

A lot of things are much simpler than they seem. People sometimes build a clutter that acts as a barrier of joy. Going through motions for the sake of appearances is one of the sneakiest bliss stealers but people do it all the time.

Whether it is time with puppies, an art event, a concert or a good dinner, we all try to relax and enjoy in our spare time, that only happens when we simplify it and appreciate the actual thing instead of getting lost in the sideshow, such as who we see there, who gets to see us, what is profitable…..


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