Are they Terrorists or Activists?

The terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo and his coworkers which lead to their death is very tragic. Cartoonists were killed over their jokes.  The radical Islamist’s non-tolerant behavior against freedom of speech appears to have shocked the world.

I am surprised that they are shocked, given that the magazine has been receiving threats for years.

What I find hard to understand is why they did not have better security when they were so obviously and openly threatened.

Of course the issue is way beyond a threat on freedom of speech, like any terrorist attack, this one also is a big threat to the security of the public of France. Now, the world seems to be on alert against terrorism. Unless the world unites against it, terrorism it will always exist.

Paris has been the safe harbor of the PKK, which is a Kurdish armed terrorist organization that attacks mainly Turkey. Although they are on the terrorist list of the UN, USA and EU their headquarters in Paris are no secret.

Three months ago, the PKK burned down a supermarket in İzmir while people were shopping inside. I recall chatting with a French friend who did not think that it was such a terrible thing, after all Kurds had a good cause, in his mind. The fact that they were aiming to kill ordinary citizens who were merely going about their daily routine of grocery shopping did not seem to shake him.

I ended the conversation saying, “If the same happened in Paris or London I doubt that you would be so easygoing about it.”

Three months later the same thing did in fact happen in Paris, terrorists held up a supermarket, some died during the incident. He sees this as a tragedy and I completely agree.

My point is that terrorism is bad in any form mainly because they are a threat to innocent ordinary citizens, regardless of what they believe in. Some soldiers of the Turkish army who were cornered, attacked and killed by the PKK while off duty, unarmed and merely grocery shopping with their wives, turned out to be of Kurdish origin. The same way a policeman killed by the Islamıc terrorists in Paris was in fact a Muslim.

These past 2 days, bomb attacks were stopped around various malls in Istanbul and two PKK militants were caught. This is during the peace process.

The world uniting against terrorism is a good idea, but this unity should be against all armed terrorist, since they are all a threat to innocent lives. Once nations start harboring some terrorist because their cause does not seem so bad, in other words their gun’s are not turned towards the citizens of the harboring country, there is no way of stopping it.

Unity means, legal states looking out for each other on this matter by standing against illegal organizations as a front. If that truly happened, I doubt that these organizations could keep their strengths for too long. After all an attack with sticks and stoned would not be too scary, and whether they are Islamist terrorist or ethnical terrorists, their access to guns and ammunition comes from some legal state, somewhere in the world.

Should the modern world truly unite against them, they would have very limited strength to operate.

Another measure that needs to be taken to solve this problem of Radical Islamist terrorists is to go into the root of the problem. The Muslim world needs to own up to this problem and save the youth from falling into ideas that motivate them to fight under the illusion of Jihad. ISIS is attacking Muslims more than Non-Muslims simply because that is what the main population consists of where they are stationed. Boko Haram is enslaving and raping Muslim girls who are just children. So although to the western mind this may appear to be a threat for Non-Muslims only that is not the case.

These Radicals are a threat to anyone peaceful and normal, thus they need to be dealt with as the world’s problem. Yet the main responsibility falls onto the shoulders of Muslim countries. We always hear the following quote “Islam is a peaceful religion” saying it is not enough, establishing peace is what needs to be done.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear discussions in this regard on Turkish TV. It was refreshing to hear Muslim clerics say more that “This is not true Islam” but owning up to the problem and looking for solutions against these radical moves.

Of course if extremist in Europe act out on the existing Xenophobia, using the tragedy as an excuse it will corner the Muslim world into a defensive speech.

So the true solution for this issue is, for regular Muslims and Westerners to team up against this problem. Of course a very delicate balance needs to be maintained for it to work.

If Europeans keep making statements that include all Muslims into the same circles with these radicals, the peaceful ones will end up retrieving themselves from the situation.

The same way if the peaceful Muslims do not own up to the situation and simply blame it on Xenophobia, they will rightfully have to endure more xenophobia. After all if these guys do not represent your religion, “where are you to represent it? Make a stand so that we finally see these peaceful Muslims in action” would be a fair response.

In summary the more civilized members of the world whether Muslim or Non-Muslim have to team up and work against these medieval savages. However such a partnership would also fail when terrorist such as the PKK are guarded, simply because their guns do not turn towards citizens of France. The way to a more peaceful world, where one is not threatened to be killed while grocery shopping, lies in taking a stand against all armed terrorism.

All of those groups have good reasons if you ask them.  It does not change the fact that they are killing ordinary innocent people, which is precisely what makes them terrorist.  Considering those who do not kill your own citizens “activists” is something that any country can do, but that is how these organizations manage to exist and keep attacking. Thus the world needs to take stand against all of them.


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