A Liberated Spirit does not Give-in

kundalLately I have been holding a lot of Sahaja Yoga classes. It gives me immense joy to meditate with others and pass on the information and techniques. However the most satisfying part is passing on the love. During meditations we try to go thoughtless and stop listening to our mind while spontaneously we get in touch with our inner self, our spirit.

It is a very subtle yet very relaxing state. During the first meditation the Kundalini awakens and as she rises, we become reconnected with the whole. The Kundalini is a female energy which we are born with and which assumes a dormant position by the time we reach the age of three or four.

This is the period when our ego and superego develops and our conditionings start. Conditionings vary from culture to culture, however they create a hold on our spirit.

Along with the awakening of our Kundalini, this hold gets released and we start regaining some of the qualities which we are familiar with from childhood.

The ability to be in the moment and enjoy the simplest things, is one of the most common traits of children. I recall one child’s birthday, the boy was turning two or three. An adult gifted him with gold, of course the boy could not care less about the gold pendant and was overjoyed playing with the wrapper.

Not having developed a notion of monetary value makes it easy for children to find joy in the simplest things. We all possessed the same ability as infants, however as we grow up, based on our conditionings we develop a value system. In time, our happiness becomes defined in the frame of this value system.

It does not necessarily have to be a monetary value but some kind of achievement dictated by the society, draws the frame of our ability to feel happiness.

We start setting one goal after another and consider ourselves content or not so content, based on where we stand on our way towards our goals.

Whereas, true joy is the simplest thing and it is in the moment.

Along with the awakening of the Kundalini the childlike ability of feeling simple bliss returns instantly. So most people who join the meditations tell me that they felt a slight sensation during the first meditation, yet the next week that I see them, they tell me how well they felt all week. That they found themselves laughing a lot, that things somehow worked out easier than usual, things that bothered them before does not get to them anymore…

That transformation is the liberation of the spirit, the more we meditate the more our spirit breaks free from our conditionings, thus our confidence builds, the frame work that suggests things to be possible or impossible, necessary or unnecessary, lifts. Once out of the frame, the things which had the ability to bother us lose that ability, the things that seem difficult stop appearing that way. More importantly we start enjoying the moment and feeling the simple joys of life.

Those who join the meditations come back the next week in a state where we all get to laugh at the simplest things while having our little chats in between mediations. This lifts my spirit as well and makes it all worth putting in the time to have these classes.

The best kind of love is shared love, and that uplifts everyone’s spirit at the same time. I observe that those who join the classes feel the transformation but do not necessarily feel able to define what is happening, which is why I felt like roughly summing it up.

These are the initial occurrences. Those who have been mediating over longer periods of time also feel an overall change such as; the ability to maintain a more relaxed state in stress causing situations. Since the transformation is very spontaneous those who experience it find it a part of their natural presence. In a given situation it is usually others who tell them “How come you are not reacting, how come you are not stressed…etc.” Since the new calm state has already become their new normal and since the importance they place on things happening in a certain way has already positively changed, it baffles others more than themselves. This comes especially handy when one is in a position where another human being takes pleasure in inflicting pain by provoking them with a certain attitude.

A liberated spirit does not give-in, to such attitudes!

All in all, bliss resides within us, the moment we decide to connect with the whole, everything changes, our perception, our surroundings. Thus we finally go back to that familiar childlike state of joy…laughing away through life….even through rough patches….and that is true bliss!


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