Ready for New Beginnings

foto-banuThe year 2016 has almost come to an end. This has been a difficult but good year at the same time. The difficulty mainly derives from the terrorist attacks and loss of ‘sense of security’ which we had to endure as a nation. It has become our new ‘normal’ just like that, as human nature tends to adapt even when conditions are unpleasant.

Having said that, personally I have felt a lot of progress this year. Taking a trip to India was like getting back to my roots. I was a college student when I started my spiritual journey of Sahaja Yoga. It has helped me see things from a different angle throughout my life. However lately I was feeling not completely lost but confused. Sahaja Yoga is all about love and joy and forgiveness. Here I am in a country where aggression has peaked every which way, people are frustrated and miserable, polarization has put a wedge between various layers of the society, which made it tricky to still try and be joyful.

I had started to feel worn down. One of the main disturbances was my encounter with people who are not necessarily well read, yet holding decision making positions. The idea that merit means absolutely nothing was frustrating. I was asked to help a Turkish economics magazine to bring out a monthly English edition. Although I was not necessarily interested in this position I had accepted it as I was promised collaboration on a TV job. They would use their connections to pitch my documentary series idea. Since connections are more important than merit, it all made sense. So, I got to work on a freelance basis with a magazine where none of the owners speak English. The way I was raised kept me from making them feel unwell about it. Anyway it was a bit naïve of me, looking back I realize they were stringing me along to get their English magazine off the ground for which they needed my help but probably never had the intention of sharing my pitch with the connections they claimed to have.

I’ve had so many encounters where people who lack culture happen to hold decision making positions within the media industry that I suddenly had it. My kindness towards such people did not derive from the desire to be on their good side or anything of the sort. On the contrary, it was the way that I was brought up. Compassion was preventing me from belittling ignorance.

Somehow that has changed upon my return from India where I took some time for my spiritual benevolence. I find myself telling people off, left and right. So one of the major changes through 2016 is that, I have lost patience for people with inferiority complexes. There is some sort of relief in telling them off. At the end of the day ignorance is vice and knowledge is virtue and someone needs to tell them. Evidently when nobody does, they feel OK belittling the concept of knowledge as a whole. Lack of it does not hold them back in life since merit holds no value.

Then again, a pleasant aspect of 2016 has been my friendships. I have been in very close touch with my childhood friends. We’ve known each other since we are 12 years old. There is something so priceless about this relation where we give instant childlike joy to each other. Also, we are as real as it gets around each other. Most people need to keep up appearances in their adult lives. They lose the luxury of being fully open and able to share everything without at all being judged amongst their circle of friends. It is not like that for us, we get to share everything, even embarrassing things and laugh like we did when we were kids.  Feeling loved like that with no judgment is wonderful. There have been other people with whom I have grown closer. The common denominator is yet again that they are ”real people.” So this was a good year for friendships.

It was a good year for my health.

I have started working towards different business goals which feels good. I have quit smoking which feels good. I am working out much better than I used to which feels good. I’m properly recycling which feels good. Some weeks, I was unable to put out my collected recycle items for the weekly pick up, because if I put them out too soon, the trash guys were grabbing them. Finally the recycle guys have discovered my hidden spot where I collect them in a recycle blue bag at the side corner of my house. They grab it even if I’m not at home during their weekly pick-up hour. It may sound like a small detail in life but week after week, I have separated recycle items collected them, then the trash guys grabbed them because I could not be at home at the hour of recycle collection, and put them out too soon.

Anyhow, I do not have very many New Year’s resolutions.

However keeping in shape may be one of them.  I’ve gained 3 kg’s upon quitting smoking whereby not even my size has changed but somehow it caused some insecurity. Luckily my good friends snapped me out of it by telling me that I was too thin anyway thus look better.

Saying that is what good friends do….:)


I am hoping that this New Year will bring all the best to me and my loved ones and throughout the year, I’ve made that wish in various temples of different faiths, so I am sure it will….

Happy New Year!


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