Snow Joy

2017 arrived with grief. Reina a popular club by the Bosphorus was attacked on New Year’s Eve, by an ISIS member who killed and wounded people while they were celebrating. Just like that he walked in, shot everyone and walked out. They have not even caught him.

It made me feel really uneasy because Reina is a place where I have celebrated New Year’s Eve in the past and also have had many dinners.  The club part was never my favorite spot but with my family, we did enjoy bringing visitors from abroad there to dine since the atmosphere and view is very pleasant.

Facing that it offered a false sense of security and is in fact so easy to attack has made me and my circles very uneasy, as we considered the attack to be targeted at a symbol of a certain life style. It could happen at any of the places that we like to go to frequently.

As we were feeling down over this reality, just a few days later İzmir was attacked. Luckily a hero police officer spotted the terrorists before they could carry out their plan of heavily attacking the court house and he gave his life to stop the live bomb.

Although we felt really terrible to be so vulnerable against terrorist attacks as a nation, the fact that our police force was at least able to stop and kill the terrorists before they could carry out the plan gave some sort of relief. The Reina attack was worse in the sense that the assassin just walked in, killed people and walked out with no one there to even try to stop him.

Anyway just as we were having days of worry and no joy as a nation we got snowed in. Somehow nature has a way of bringing joy at the least expected instances and she did. We woke up to a white Saturday, everything covered with snow. Of course children and adults all started to play, thus childlike joy found us all. We exhausted ourselves playing in the cold weather and then rushing home for warm cozy treats. Before we knew it, we have become able to enjoy the simplicity of nature.


I personally have had a lot of fun since my doggies love the snow. I don’t know what awaits us in the near future but having had a break from such worries and just doing cozy things at home and playing with my doggies in the garden felt good.

hera    shylo  garden

I bet the terrorists hate these happy photos of people on social media playing in the snow like children. They have just hit us and hit us hard. It’s not that we don’t or won’t grieve but let’s call it Divine intervention. Their aim is to put us all into a deep state of fear and depression and then Divine sends us joy in the form of snow. So we enjoy the moment ❤

What else exists anyway?


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