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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve returned from the Himalayas but I still have not had the chance to write about it. It was an exhilarating experience and as soon as I got back I’ve become very busy.

This time around my trip felt even better than the last time. During my previous trip I was trying to recover from an illness. However this time I was already feeling well when I got there and every moment left me feel like I was in heaven. Literally!

What made it special is not only the amazing view but the vibrations.

The vibrations were so strong and pleasant that every moment was serene and filled with joy and inner peace.

Looking back, every moment of my trip was so delightful that just thinking about it gives me joy. This time I flew to Dubai, then to Delhi from Delhi to Amritsar and from Amritsar we drove up to Dharamsala with other yogis who joined from America.

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As soon as I landed in Delhi, joy took me over. They had lost my luggage which I suspected that they would when they could not give me my boarding passes for the continuation of the trip in Istanbul.

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Anyway, I was too delighted to make a fuss over it and like a true yogini should, I was able to detach from the situation or let it upset me in anyway.

As I arrived to Amritsar, I enjoyed the five hour drive to Dharamsala immensely.

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The pleasure derived mostly from being there in the company of other yogis.

Towards the evening we arrived to Grace Heritage Hotel in Dharamsala.  The calm state of the Himalayas combined with the refine decoration of the Hotel has a soothing effect.

I was very delighted to see Yogiji Uncle. When I told him that the airline has lost my suitcase, he immediately gave me a nice shawl to keep warm and some beautiful Indian outfits.

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The next day I went shopping for some more items that I may need and the problem was completely fixed as though I never lost the suitcase.

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In my lost suitcase there were presents and Tulip Pulps which I had brought from Turkey, for the Dharamsala Ashram so the whole time I was hoping that they would keep. Oddly I had placed an icepack with the Tulip Pulps when I was leaving Istanbul. I don’t know if that helped but they were fine when they arrived.

So surrendering when there is a troublesome situation, the way a yogini should, did make the problem go away.

In general this trip felt much stronger in effect, compared to my previous recent trip to India. That time I was barely recovering from sickness and the healing effects were amazing. This time, I was already fine when I arrived so I could feel the depth being bestowed upon me.

One of the main goals of my spiritual journey is heightened awareness. It happened so spontaneously this time that it was almost surprising to discover the change.

My awareness level and sensitivity towards various vibrations have increased just like that. Along with it worry has disappeared and inner peace has arrived on a whole new level. Feeling very calm on the inside is very pleasant. A spiritual journey involves a lot of introspection and facing oneself before one can clear out the chakras. This time it was less difficult more joyful.

Hiking in the Himalayas, meditating, listening to music, having good food, many many chais, wonderful company, waking up to an amazing view….I just kept absorbing all the wonderful vibrations while greatly appreciating every moment.

After 14 days in the ashram, I went to Heritage Grace Hotel again to spend my last day and night there before leaving the Himalayas. It was yet again such a delight to be there.

I Phone Indıa 260On Sunday morning I left the Hotel at 6 in the morning as a car took me to Amritsar. When I arrived there I visited the Golden Temple before I took my flight.

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Although it was beautiful, it was so hot that I literally felt that I was melting away in the heat. It was around 10:30 in the morning yet already very hot. I was chatting with my friends via my whatsapp group and one of them placed a photo of a nice cappuccino. Oh how much I missed a good cup of cappuccino. I told him that as soon as I arrived in Istanbul, I would enjoy one. A short while later I left the temple and went towards the place where I would meet the driver and right next to it was a coffee shop with great air condition and strong cappuccinos. So I did not have to wait for Istanbul, my small yet pure desire was fulfilled immediately.

It is when we are deeply connected that anything that crosses our heart manifests in front of us effortlessly. I had missed that privilege over the past few years. The realization that it is back along with my awareness levels being heightened is very pleasing.

After having my coffee I went to the airport and took my flight to Delhi. It was incredibly hot, 43 degrees hot to be precise. I was back to melting in my dress. The driver whom I knew from my last trip and had arranged ahead of time came to pick me up at the airport and took me to Nirmal Dham which is not only a Sahaja Yoga Center close to the Delhi Airport but also where my Guru Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi had been buried to rest in peace.

As I was visiting her tomb, I realized that I got to visit Her on Mother’s Day. I had not planned for it on purpose; it just turned out to be so. After paying my respects, I had yet another amazing meditation. Vibrations were so strong that I could hardly bring myself to break away and leave.

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I did leave eventually and through a lot of traffic, the Driver took me to Yogiji Uncle’s wife, Deepa Auntie’s house. I was so happy to see her again. After nice dinner and a delightful chat I collapsed into sleep as I had had only a few hours of sleep for the past two days.  At three in the morning I got up and left for the airport.

My flight back to Istanbul was direct so it was rather swift. When I arrived home I felt the strength of the accumulated vibrations with me.

Since it has been a few weeks now, I found myself diving back into my life and taking a sudden step back. One of the main occasions that take place after strong spiritual experiences is; things getting exposed around me or an increased ability to see things which I could not before.

So soon upon arrival, I found myself getting lost in mediocre ways of the world, trying to fit in with people that I have very little in common with.  Then I questioned why I would even find myself in that situation. I realized that there is something convenient about the mediocre ways of life.

It allows one to kill time in the most inefficient way. This at the same time is very suitable when one does not have any hobbies and a lot of free time or a very ordinary life revolving around daily family worries. In both situations it is harmless fun. However in my case I find that it keeps me from doing things that I used to do to fill my free time. I used to write more and read more. Now I find myself getting lost in meaningless, yet fun chats for hours and hours.

After each trip that I have taken so far for spiritual purposes some major or small changes in my life have taken place. I recall one year after I had first become a Sahaja Yogini in 1999,  the person that I had known until then to be my best friend with whom we grew up together turned out not to be a true friend and I took it a bit hard at the time. I removed her from my life which was a wise decision. However yoginis forgive, so decades later I forgave her. I find myself in a similar situation one more time, this time I cannot say that I am taking it hard.

It is more like a good reminder to stop wasting my time with meaningless chats. The spirit gets exhausted during these so called meaningless chats, thus to maintain the pureness of the spirit, using free time; for good walks with the dogs or art projects, reading, writing, listening to music, meditating, working out, anyone of the things that I already do are better for my spirit.

I can still enjoy deep spiritual or intellectual chats with those who enjoy them as much as I do and those are the people with whom I have more in common thus fitting in does not become an issue.

So a little time spent in heaven, a whole lot more awareness, a little bit of change in the smaller choices of life, a lot of inner peace and joy, feeling calmer and worry free, having a small desire and seeing it be fulfilled right away are the results of my latest trip to India, Sweet India!

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