Dull People Versus Joy

Life in general has been treating me well lately. It is nice to feel this way. I had a very pleasant summer. I had never been to Greece before and I ended up having two trips to the Greek Island of Thassos which is a heavenly place with wonderful vibrations.

I went to Germany which felt really nice. I was born in Germany, so although I do not frequently visit the country when I do, I feel a hard to explain immediate connection.

Change has arrived in my life through my meditations. This is hard to explain but it almost feels like a cloud has lifted off and it all started with my first trip to India last year. Ever since, things seem to be moving along.

Meanwhile last week, I started my Sahaja Yoga Lessons as a volunteer Yoga teacher at the community center again. I had started these classes in 2013. So it has been four years. This year, a woman’s organization for battered women has reached out to me and asked if their members could join my Sahaja Yoga Classes. I was very pleased with the suggestion and we started our classes. So many Sahaja Yogis were able to join as volunteers this year that it has given me immense joy.

Today, as we had yet another wonderful class with very strong vibrations, I was thinking ‘when you stick to something it always pays off.’ I remember going to the community center sometimes for only one person. It never mattered to me. If I can put a smile on the face of one soul who seeks help it is plenty enough. However to see more people coming and vibrations becoming stronger is very satisfying and makes me happy that I kept at the classes, no matter how low the turn-out had been at times.

Meanwhile, being a yogini I always do a lot of introspection. Over the summer I found myself falling into a pitfall on one issue. I used to have this one friend as a child who grew up to be not so interesting. Her allure is mostly based on her gossiping power. I must admit that even though it is not like me, I was drawn into it. Since we had not much else in common as adults, chatting with her meant discussing other people. This was her scope and I got into it as well. Under the leadership of the gossip boss, I found myself sharing this mutual interest with some other friends from the same group as well. She would discuss one friend, be mad with him, and try to get others to be as angry with him as she is by speaking behind his back for hours obsessing over this nonsense. Of course not a word to his face but snarky pathetic comments to be later discussed amongst the gossip group as the highlight of her pathetic day. “I stuck it to him but I am not sure he got it.” would be way to go about it.

It was an interesting phase for me because when I question myself, I realize that I was trying to bond with certain people who do not share my interests so I tried to share theirs. Of course it did not take.

First of all I could not care less what other people do or don’t do. Second of all it is the habit of those with no life to get obsessed with other’s life. I have a life, so why bother.

Third of all I am a yogini and I tend to love people, not pretend to like them and turn around to put them down. I really, truly have positive feelings for almost everyone, even for complete strangers which drives me to have volunteer Sahaja Yoga classes. Sharing love is the idea behind it and it gives me immense satisfaction. Positive vibrations are the expression of Divine love and it can feel like a slice of heaven.

So, naturally the gossip group considered me too straight forward. If I have something to say, I say it to people’s faces. Anyway, the phase wore-out, I returned to my life and had completely forgotten about them.

After all these were a very small fraction of a much larger group of old friends which consists of plenty of non-gossip, sweet natured, real people whom I very much enjoy. The rest of the same group is such a delight that it makes me happy to have them in my life.

In fact I always find myself looking forward to spending time with the other friends from the same group. When I meet any of them, discussing others does not even occur to us. Instead we have good laughs and good chats about life itself, or art, cooking, animals, fashion, sports, politics anything but the life of those we mutually know.

This experience was still interesting. I realized that one must have a really dull life to take pleasure in discussing others for hours. It made me feel blessed that I do not base my sense of joy on something so dull.

It was also a good experience to see how draining such people can be. Ever since I grew apart from the gossip fraction of the group, their negative mood has lifted as well. I did not exactly gossip because hypocrisy is against my nature, instead I would end up reacting to the face of the person about whom everyone spoke but smiled to the face.

What a waste of time and energy when we can enjoy every moment of life. So that short phase helped me observe how miserable some people live and gave me more appreciation for not being like that.

It is God’s blessing to have the ability to enjoy the moment and I try to share this ability with as many as possible through the practice of Sahaja Yoga. And every now and then seeing how other people’s attention works makes me appreciate the joy I feel even more.

They also seem content in their inferno, so probably all works out the way it is meant to…


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